Kitchen Lighting

by / Tuesday, 26 September 2017 / Published in Lighting

The modern family kitchen is used for a variety of uses such as  prepping, cooking, relaxing, eating, socialising or playing making this a key room of your home where getting the lighting right is so important. Also, lighting can completely change to mood of a kitchen from a bright space to cook to a softly lit romantic dinner space. 

There are generally three types of lighting in a kitchen:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is as it suggests, perfectly positioned lighting to ensure the kitchen is an efficient working space for everyday tasks such as cooking and prepping food.

Convenience Lighting

This is lighting to illuminate cupboards and drawers when opened, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Mood or Decorative Lighting

Mood or decorative lighting is generally used for decorative purposes rather than functional effect. It is usually soft and unobtrusive, but as far as design goes, it really does have the biggest impact!  It can add dimension and depth to the room in order to create an ambience. It is generally used along a plinth, above cupboards, inside glass fronted cabinets or around external shelves. Statement lighting such as a beautiful pendant light can be used to highlight a specific area such as an island unit – see images below for examples.

LED Lighting

LED lighting for a kitchen is a smart choice as although the initial cost of an LED fitting is higher, they last over 13 times longer than Halogen, saving you money on replacement lamps. The savings you will make on electricity bills more than offsets this initial difference.

The majority of lighting Websters can supply and install is available in cool and warm white and many options are also available with a dimmer function.

Planning the lighting for a new kitchen is an important part of the design that should not be overlooked. Here at Websters Kitchens we can design the best lighting solution to meet your requirements and budget. The gallery below shows just a few examples of lighting available, pop into our Alfreton showroom to see more examples of lighting solutions and let us help you design the perfectly lit kitchen for your home.